Cressida Bedolla


Live with compassion. Work with compassion. Die with compassion. Meditate with compassion.
Enjoy with compassion.

I am a Sr. Graphic Designer with more than ten years of combined print and digital experience. My focus has been on developing and deploying successful graphics based on brand.
I have a unique balance of creative and technical expertise, coupled with a strong background in digital and print design – I enjoy networking with professionals from any industry on a global scale and encourage you to contact me at any time.

design qualities
Keen understanding of the mass mind | Grasp of business and the ‘big picture’
Thorough and meticulous | Fast and able to do complete work under pressure
Capable of a range of styles outside of my own | Dynamic team player

"You know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills..." Napoleon Dynamite
Keen understanding of color theory, composition & effective typography
Knowledgable in web design languages including CSS3, HTML5, and Java Script
Proficient in all Adobe products including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects
Efficient in developing banner animations and motion graphics (as well as any other animations / movies / etc)

personal qualities
Friendly | Inquisitive | Inventive | Hardworking
Funny | Eager | Passionate | Always Learning | Bold & Awesome

All facets of design, art, photography, computers & technology
Computer Gaming | Application Based Games | Playstation
Snowboarding & Sheep Herding